Stuart Levy slevy at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 11 14:07:53 CDT 2000

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How does this rat handle the AC97 case?  George and I tried this yesterday:
Running what we *think* was the right rat with OSS_IS_AC97=1 set,
strace on the rat-4.2.4-media process showed that it would first
attempt to set IGAIN (which failed with EINVAL) and then would
successfully set LINE (which does the wrong thing). 

I can't see the OSS driver source, but looking at the es1371.c driver,
it appears that this case might work if rat were to
   first try SOUND_MIXER_IGAIN,
   then if that fails, try SOUND_MIXER_RECLEV,
   and only if that also fails (or maybe, for AC97, never)

   Stuart Levy

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