vnc+vic=better relay?

Robert Olson olson at
Mon Oct 9 16:59:40 CDT 2000

>h263 max size is CIF16 (1408x1152) but vic only supports up to CIF :-(

And the vic h263 encoder is buggy and very slow. It is based on a body of 
code that is no longer available as open source.

>Also, the source code for vic does indicate that a developer was working
>on adding support for allowing users to select regions of the X11
>display to be captured along with picking entire windows to be
>captured.  At this point I have no idea on how close they were to
>obtaining this goal.

Speaking of vic source, I realize I forgot to answer you. We are using the 
vanilla vic source for the AG releases, with some minor cosmetic changes. 
Latest version is 2.8ucl-1.1.3.

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