Fwd: RE: AG at SC00

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Thu Oct 5 16:25:09 CDT 2000

Hi Rick,

I haven't heard anything about this in a while, and was wondering where
things stand at this point. We're getting ready to organize the BU booth
schedule, and of course we want to participate in as many AG-based
activities as possible.

BU is planning to have some of our scientists talk about their work, from
the AG node at BU. We don't yet have a list of confirmed speakers or a
schedule, but hope to shortly.

Also, we're planning to invite the local BU community to come to the BU AG
node at BU during SC to watch demos, attend BOFs, etc -- basically
whatever is available over the AG.

Are you still looking for people/groups to get involved in organizing
things? If there hasn't already been a meeting to sort things out, I think
it would be a great idea to have one.

- Jennifer

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Rick Stevens wrote:

> Hi all,
> Here is a summary of various ideas that have been proposed for AG events
> at SC00.  I'd like to get some additional input from the various groups
> that have suggested activities and in particular confirmations from groups
> that plan to have AG nodes at SC00 and/or up and running during the SC00
> conference and that may be planning "private events".
> Several groups have proposed roving reporters.. with wearables
> etc.  This has been tried several times (first time I'm aware of was back
> many years ago in Minneapolis, I forgot the year) in the past and after the 
> first
> hour or so, the technology novelty wears off and people have to focus
> on being reporters so it would be great to line up people that have
> an interest in collecting stories and interviews in addition to showing
> off the tech.
> Given the short deadline to SC it is important that groups commit soon to
> activities they are willing to lead.  Perhaps we should schedule an AG
> discussion on Friday to try to reach consensus on a plan for the SC week.
> Cheers,
> --Rick

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