KU's "Kilo" cruise, May 31

Kyle Camarda kyle at tal.engr.ukans.edu
Wed May 24 20:39:58 CDT 2000

Hello All,

   KU would like to announce our main preparation cruise for Chautauqua.
 We will be holding this event on May 31st, from 1:30-4:00 PM CDT.
 Presentation topics will include an introduction to EPSCoR and
 a talk on Information Technology Research Initialtives.  We plan
 to be moved into the site during the morning of May 30th, and would
 like to have participating sites join us to do audio levelling at
 1:30 CDT on May 30th.  We have left the morning of the 31st free for
 further testing and levelling as needed.  Please contact me if your site
 will be able to participate in this event.  Thanks!

Kyle Camarda
KU Chautauqua Producer
camarda at ukans.edu

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