freaky vic bug???

Benjamin Snyder bens at
Thu Jun 15 07:47:37 CDT 2000

I discovered a 'problem' with vic on the porta-node (might be specific to that
install on that node).  I was firing up the dppt client on the display machine
and mis-typed the command and dppt didnt start correctly.  It started a window
over one of the windows on my extended desktops (projectors).  When I killed it
to start another, the window that was covered up didnt redraw, as soon as I 
started to drag it back to desktop 0 it redrew as it crossed desktops.

I dont know if this is a display driver problem in Win2k, or if it's a vic 
problem.  I also didnt know if anyone else had come across this (I've not seen
it in the mailings), but thought I'd share just in case.

Ben Snyder

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