Argonne MSDP Prob and OSC Multicast

Bill Nickless nickless at
Wed Jun 14 23:06:36 CDT 2000

At 08:35 PM 6/14/2000 -0500, Marty Hoag wrote:
>    Does anyone know why Abilene was puting on rate limits?   Marty

As a matter of fact, I received the following from an Abilene person just 
this evening:

>Close. The reason the rate-limit command was used on the CLEV router was to
>support new QOS projects for the QOS working group. ANL, PSC, and OARnet are
>starting a QOS project on 6/20/00 and the rate-limit command was put on each
>of their interfaces to support that project. The rate-limit had nothing to
>do with Multicast or any attempt to limit traffic flow. (he rate-limit was
>supposed to only affect traffic which had set the DiffServ code point to
>The bug which rate-limit command triggered crops up when you enable
>rate-limiting AND enable Multicast on the same interface.
>Grover Browning
>Abilene NOC

The upshot is that Abilene ran into an unexpected bug at a very unfortunate 
time while making a configuration change during the day.  In retrospect one 
might be tempted to criticize their timing, but I don't think that's 
fair.  The Chautauqua schedules should be much more clearly communicated to 
the network providers, further in advance.  I know that I am far less 
likely to make changes to the network I manage when there is a live event 
going on!  But if I don't know about a live event it's hard for me to make 
that call.

I am going to bed now so as to get some sleep before I have to get up [far 
too] early in the morning, but will incorporate Grover's information in the 
narrative I am writing for the Master of Ceremonies at OSC tomorrow.
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