VIC Trouble on NT 4.0

Bob Olson olson at
Wed Jun 14 06:33:19 CDT 2000

This is very odd. 

Bob - did you try both the nodd dd versions? did they act the same way?

Please try running these vics as well, as compiled by the UCL folks, and
see if they have the same problems.

Allan-- you're still coming in thru the bridge, right? Are you saying that
the vic on linux is also only showing local video? This seems to point to
a network problem.

This code runs great on both win2k nodes here at anl, and on my laptop.
Can folks who have the new vic running successfully chime in with what
version of NT/Win2k they are running, and whether they are using the dd or
nodd versions?


On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Bob Riddle wrote:

> I've been tryint to run the new vic on win2k with similiar results.  Can you
> tell me where you got the older unpatched version?  I guess I'd like to try
> it and see if it works more reliability.
> Allan Kenneth Spale wrote:
> > EVL has tried to use the newest version of VIC on NT with more trouble
> > than usual.  It seems that the video streams only relevant to EVL have
> > trouble staying active for very long.  However, where the video streams
> > are originating on a Linux box, the video streams coming into that VIC are
> > ok.  The only thing in the VIC of the Linux box that is different is that
> > the members window only will contain EVL and no one else that was
> > previously transmitting on the AG.
> >
> > Right now we are used the non-patched older version of VIC on the NT box.
> > It has been running ok for a few hours, except when I had to cut the audio
> > on RAT because other people were working on the presentation for Thursday
> > in the room where our AG node is.  I fixed some things, and all seems ok.
> >
> > I have downloaded the DebugView for NT.  Have not had a chance to run it
> > because of my lack of administrative privledges.  Will this help diagnose
> > the problem?
> >
> > If it is possible, anyone with answers should respond by Thursday morning
> > because that is when EVL presents at Chautauqua.  If not, it is not
> > serious because the old version of VIC on the NT is ok.
> >
> > Thanks for your time and patience.
> >
> > Allan (Node-op at EVL)
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