I2 msdp resets (at least at gpn & ku)

Rogier, Gordon grogier at ukans.edu
Tue Jun 13 09:10:51 CDT 2000

Bill Nickless,

I am actually at a state network conference (currently listening to
presentations and have to present later), but....

I wanted to let you know that I turned a ticket into Abilene last night
about a high rate of msdp peering restarts including the GPN to Abilene
(aka. KU to I2) peering.  Abilene said that they were already aware of the
problem and would keep me posted.  I have heard nothing from them.  I just
checked the msdp (aka. router logs) in GPN and the msdp session still appear
to be unstable.

Just wanted to let you know.

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