Video Capture box stability probs

Robert Olson olson at
Fri Jun 9 12:41:38 CDT 2000

Can you do the same checks I asked Al about?


At 12:37 PM 6/9/2000 -0500, Jonas Talandis wrote:
>EVL has similar problems, so far no one else has...
>At 10:16 AM 6/9/00 -0500, Allan Bautista wrote:
>>Im having some problems with my video capture box.
>>dual p3 600's w 256mb PC100 mem
>>4 Hauppage wintv cards
>>3com 10/100 nic
>>Running RedHat 6.1, configured with Bob's script
>>Im constantly dropping transmissions from this box, all 4 feeds work fine
>>for about 3-4 min after theyve been started.  From there they will start
>>to drop out one by one till they are all gone.
>>Ive tried running 3, 2 then one feed to see how long they will last.
>>the longest transmission Ive had sofar is about 1 hour with one feed.
>>Now, during the Globus tutorials I was having the same problem, so I
>>manually started up vic sessions in the proper rooms and had better
>>stability with that.  Differences were quality settings, fps settings, and
>>rate settings.  I usually had an fps of 30, q of 10, and set the threshold
>>rate at 500k.
>>Ive already reinstalled all the software so my vid machine is clean, but
>>exhibiting the same behavior as before.  Prior to installing the VV stuff,
>>"when all the feeds were manually typed in", the machine was stable, it
>>would transmit for days/weeks with no problems.  So Im not sure where to
>>point, hardware or software.  I think the hardware is fine, and since Ive
>>reinstalled clean I "think" the software setup is ok.
>>The only thing close to an error message I get comes from the window I
>>spawned vrm-viewer from
>>         subprocess died: ag.VicVideo at 80de1a8
>>         delete returns false
>>Now Im just plain stumped.
>>any suggestions?
>>abautist at
>Jonas Talandis
>Electronic Visualization Laboratory
>University of Illinois at Chicago
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