Rat 4.2.4 with OSS/AC97 mods available

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jun 9 11:59:20 CDT 2000

I went ahead and did the (more) proper fixes for AC97 cards. I don't have a 
reliable way to detect which cards are AC97-based, so there's currently a 
hard-coded list of them in the OSS code:

static char *ac97_devices[] = {
   "OSS: AudioPCI 97 (STAC9708)",
   "OSS: AudioPCI 97 (CRY13/0x43525913)",

These two are the one that Jay told me about and my ES1371 card. If you 
have a card that you think this will help for (probably SBLive falls into 
this category, and any of the ES1371 based cards), you can force rat into 
AC97 mode by setting the OSS_IS_AC97 environment variable to 1:

in bash:
         export OSS_IS_AC97=1
or in tcsh:
         setenv OSS_IS_AC97 1

If this makes things work for you, please mail me the output of

         cat /dev/sndstat

and I'll add your card to the list.

The new rat releases are in




where the latter version has debugging output enabled. These tarfiles also 
have the modified auddev_oss.c in them for your perusal.

Please try these out and let me know how it does.

Karen Camarda at KU: this might work better for you (with OSS) than trying 
to use ALSA right now.


>Testing that version on the machine with the ES1371 (rev 07) gives the
>same result: master volume set to 22:0.  On this machine ossmix gives
>"Selected mixer 0/AudioPCI 97 (STAC9708)".
>Testing that version on the machine with the ES1370 [AudioPCI] (rev 01)
>gives the same result: touching line-in sets it to 100.  On this machine
>ossmix gives "Selected mixer 0/Ensoniq AudioPCI".
>We have another machine with an ES1370 [AudioPCI] (rev 01) that does not
>exhibit any of these problems with any version of Rat.  The difference
>between this machine and the ones with problems appears to be the
>drivers.  The machine with no problems is running kernel 2.2.15 with
>OSS/Free, driver es1370 version 0.31.  The machine with problems is
>running OSS/Linux 3.9.3c on a kernel 2.2.12-20.

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