access <-> sdsc ip multicast

Harry Ammons ammons at SDSC.EDU
Fri Jul 28 19:46:44 CDT 2000

Jay has setup a beacon running on a seperate pc on the same subnet as our AG for
ASAP we will implement a continuous running beacon from sdsc AG.

"Borchers, Robert R" wrote:

> I would hope Jay D at SDSC would have what you need. Bob
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> Subject: RE: access <-> sdsc ip multicast
> At 01:44 PM 7/28/2000 -0400, Borchers, Robert R wrote:
> >Bill, SDSC can no longer see or hear NSF but they can see and hear ACCESS.
> >They also cannot see my Beacon and their column and row on Beacon Viewer is
> >all reds and yellows. Bob
> Bob Olson suggested that the reds/yellows have to do with the possibility
> that Jay Dombrowski's PC (where the SDSC beacon is currently running) may
> be overloaded.  This would cause the problems we are seeing.
> I was under the impression that SDSC was going to find someone with
> administrative privileges on their Access Grid node machines.  This would
> let us look at the correct network and the correct machine.  Us network
> types are a little stuck at the moment until that can happen at SDSC.
> I would be happy to get the beacon running at SDSC if someone would give me
> access to one of the Linux machines that makes up the cluster.  We
> generally like to see the IP multicast beacons running at a site all the
> time.  We use this to look for problems and solve them before high-pressure
> situations like this.
> My SSH public identity is at
> for anyone who might wish to give me access to the SDSC Linux
> machines.  Simply add the contents to ~root/.ssh/authorized_keys and I'll
> log right in and fix the beacon up.
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