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Bill Nickless nickless at
Fri Jul 28 12:53:30 CDT 2000


At 01:44 PM 7/28/2000 -0400, Borchers, Robert R wrote:
>Bill, SDSC can no longer see or hear NSF but they can see and hear ACCESS.
>They also cannot see my Beacon and their column and row on Beacon Viewer is
>all reds and yellows. Bob

Bob Olson suggested that the reds/yellows have to do with the possibility 
that Jay Dombrowski's PC (where the SDSC beacon is currently running) may 
be overloaded.  This would cause the problems we are seeing.

I was under the impression that SDSC was going to find someone with 
administrative privileges on their Access Grid node machines.  This would 
let us look at the correct network and the correct machine.  Us network 
types are a little stuck at the moment until that can happen at SDSC.

I would be happy to get the beacon running at SDSC if someone would give me 
access to one of the Linux machines that makes up the cluster.  We 
generally like to see the IP multicast beacons running at a site all the 
time.  We use this to look for problems and solve them before high-pressure 
situations like this.

My SSH public identity is at 
for anyone who might wish to give me access to the SDSC Linux 
machines.  Simply add the contents to ~root/.ssh/authorized_keys and I'll 
log right in and fix the beacon up.
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