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Fri Jul 28 12:44:59 CDT 2000

Bill, SDSC can no longer see or hear NSF but they can see and hear ACCESS.
They also cannot see my Beacon and their column and row on Beacon Viewer is
all reds and yellows. Bob

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At 09:08 AM 7/28/2000 -0700, Nancy Wilkins-Diehr wrote:
>Hi Tom,
>I believe 3pm/e, noon/pdt will work for us for a test.  I know Jay is
>teaching a class right now and Harry is on his way in so I thought I'd
>speak for them just to keep things rolling.  Does ANL believe the
>routing problems have been worked out?

I was about to say "yes" until I looked at the IP multicast beacon 
reporting web page at

While the routing seems to be working, we are seeing packet loss of 30% or 
more both getting into and getting out of SDSC.  This isn't just to ACCESS 
so I'm pretty sure it's an SDSC-specific problem.

As always I stand ready to help.  Just let me know how.
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