nt multicast

Jeff Ramacher jeffr at mhpcc.edu
Thu Jul 27 17:41:59 CDT 2000

Does anyone know how to add/delete multicast routes under nt?  The
normal 'route add' or 'route delete' commands fail.  A route
exists for each of my NICs (2 of them), but I want multicast traffic to
go through only one interface.  Moreover, does it matter?

Or, has anyone successfully dual-homed an nt machine on the ag?  I'm
trying to do this with my office pc, which I just installed a second NIC
into (to get it onto the subnet with AG multicast tunnel).  I can ping
the AG router, but nothing shows up in vic.  I also haven't figured out
yet if vic can select a specific interface.

Any thoughts/insights appreciated  - aloha -
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