Jeff Ramacher jeffr at
Mon Jul 24 13:36:20 CDT 2000

Hi Allan:

I've uploaded another ppt to your ftp site.  MHPCC now has two


Do you know the hostname and/or ip of the san diego ppt server?

Thanks in advance
Jeff Ramacher (jeffr at                | (808) 879-5077, x264
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Allan Bautista wrote:
> Well, the chatq cruise is being held in the Lucky lab room, so that means
> we got the boot and will have to
> find another room.  Ill go ahead and pick the Windmer room for us to meet at.
> Im going to chuck access in the room right now.  I should be avail all
> morning for testing and the like if needed.
> San Diego has volunteered to be the server for any ppt slides.
> as far as an ftp server for the slides is concerned,  Ive setup a folder on
> my ftp site at
> go under the girltech folder, login as anonymous and
> dump your ppt in there or get the ppts if you
> dont have them
> Im hoping to get all the ppts if there are any more by lunchtime EST.
> cant think of anything else at the moment
> Ill post more when I have more info.

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