Allan Bautista abautist at
Mon Jul 24 08:40:11 CDT 2000

Well, the chatq cruise is being held in the Lucky lab room, so that means 
we got the boot and will have to
find another room.  Ill go ahead and pick the Windmer room for us to meet at.

Im going to chuck access in the room right now.  I should be avail all 
morning for testing and the like if needed.

San Diego has volunteered to be the server for any ppt slides.

as far as an ftp server for the slides is concerned,  Ive setup a folder on 
my ftp site at go under the girltech folder, login as anonymous and 
dump your ppt in there or get the ppts if you
dont have them

Im hoping to get all the ppts if there are any more by lunchtime EST.

cant think of anything else at the moment

Ill post more when I have more info.

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