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Jim Farrar farrar at
Mon Jul 24 08:08:07 CDT 2000

There is already a meeting scheduled in Lucky Labrador for something else, 
beginning at 12:30 CST that will still be going on at that time.  You need 
to pick another room.

At 11:31 PM 7/23/00 -0500, Michael Grobe wrote:
>Greetings, Chautauqua Cruisers:
>On monday 7-24-00, we hope to:
>     1) test yet another telco backchannel option, in search of
>        the perfect telco bridge provider,
>     2) test Cisco's IPTV viewer/server software for use in
>        displaying MPEG animations over multicast, and
>     3) test a new VNC server.
>We will probably have to extend the normal cruising time from
>1:30 to 3:00 or so, to get all this in.
>We will have the telco backchannel numbers for you on the Lucky
>Labrador meeting point on the Waterfall Glenn MUD.
>     !!! Remember we will meet in the "Lucky Labrador" meeting point rather
>         than the "Access Grid hangout" on the MUD. !!!
>The IPTV viewer software is available for download through the University
>of Oregon Video Lab and the Internet2 Networks Multicast Trial program at
>The VNC server address will also be distributed over the MUD.
>The new VNC server will (we hope) be running on a box configured to
>serve as a replacement for any one of the main node boxes.  That is, it
>includes dual 650MHz CPUs (440GX chipset, 256MB SDRAM), 2 WinTV Model
>401 cards, a dual-headed Matrox G400, a single-headed Matrox G200,
>and a PCI 128.  The idea is to use it in case of complete failure
>of any one major node computer (display, video capture, or audio).
>(Thanks to Doug Johnson for the inspiration.)  In the case of EITHER
>display system or video capture system failure, we should be able to
>limp along running either 2 projectors (in place of 3) or 2 cameras
>(in place of 4).  If both systems fail, I suppose we can run 2 projectors
>and 1 camera within Win2k.
>:michael grobe
>assistant director
>academic computing services
>the unversity of kansas
>(785) 218-5252
>grobe at
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