chatq cruise 7-24-00

Michael Grobe grobe at
Sun Jul 23 23:31:39 CDT 2000

Greetings, Chautauqua Cruisers:

On monday 7-24-00, we hope to:

    1) test yet another telco backchannel option, in search of
       the perfect telco bridge provider,
    2) test Cisco's IPTV viewer/server software for use in
       displaying MPEG animations over multicast, and
    3) test a new VNC server.

We will probably have to extend the normal cruising time from
1:30 to 3:00 or so, to get all this in.

We will have the telco backchannel numbers for you on the Lucky
Labrador meeting point on the Waterfall Glenn MUD.

    !!! Remember we will meet in the "Lucky Labrador" meeting point rather 
        than the "Access Grid hangout" on the MUD. !!!

The IPTV viewer software is available for download through the University 
of Oregon Video Lab and the Internet2 Networks Multicast Trial program at

The VNC server address will also be distributed over the MUD.

The new VNC server will (we hope) be running on a box configured to 
serve as a replacement for any one of the main node boxes.  That is, it
includes dual 650MHz CPUs (440GX chipset, 256MB SDRAM), 2 WinTV Model
401 cards, a dual-headed Matrox G400, a single-headed Matrox G200,
and a PCI 128.  The idea is to use it in case of complete failure
of any one major node computer (display, video capture, or audio).
(Thanks to Doug Johnson for the inspiration.)  In the case of EITHER 
display system or video capture system failure, we should be able to
limp along running either 2 projectors (in place of 3) or 2 cameras
(in place of 4).  If both systems fail, I suppose we can run 2 projectors
and 1 camera within Win2k.

:michael grobe

assistant director
academic computing services
the unversity of kansas
(785) 218-5252
grobe at

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