Crypto library for AG privacy efforts

Bill Nickless nickless at
Sun Jul 23 20:09:13 CDT 2000

I would like to suggest the following crypto library as possible basis for 
including more privacy protection in access grid meetings:

Note that this library is reported to work with Microsoft Visual C++ and 
GCC 2.95.2, so we don't have to do something different for the Windows and 
Linux parts of the AG software suite.

The rest of this note is a quote from the web page:

Crypto++ is a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes. Currently 
the library consists of the following, some of which is other people's 
code, repackaged into classes.

·	a class hierarchy with an API defined by abstract base classes

·	AES candidates:
	·	RC6,
	·	MARS,
	·	Rijndael,
	·	Twofish,
	·	Serpent
·	other symmetric block ciphers:
	·	IDEA, DES, Triple DES (DES-EDE2 and DES-EDE3),
		DESX (DES-XEX3), RC2, RC5, Blowfish, Diamond2, TEA,
		SAFER, 3-WAY, GOST, SHARK, CAST-128, Square
·	generic cipher modes:
		CBC padded, CBC ciphertext stealing (CTS), CFB,
		OFB, counter mode
·	stream ciphers: ARC4, SEAL, WAKE, Sapphire, BlumBlumShub

·	public key cryptography:
	·	RSA,
	·	DSA,
	·	ElGamal, Nyberg-Rueppel (NR), BlumGoldwasser, Rabin,
		Rabin-Williams (RW),

·	Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems

·	padding schemes for public-key systems: PKCS#1 v2.0, OAEP,

·	key agreement schemes:
	·	Diffie-Hellman (DH),
		Unified Diffie-Hellman (DH2), Menezes-Qu-Vanstone (MQV),

·	one-way hash functions:
	·	SHA-1, MD2,
	·	MD5, HAVAL, RIPEMD-160, Tiger

·	message authentication codes:

·	cipher constructions based on hash functions: Luby-Rackoff, MDC

·	pseudo random number generators (PRNG): ANSI X9.17 appendix C,
	PGP's RandPool

·	Shamir's secret sharing and Rabin's information dispersal schemes

·	DEFLATE (gzip compatible) compression/decompression

·	fast multi-precision integer (bignum) operations
·	·	prime number generation and verification

·	various miscellaneous modules such as base 64 coding and 32-bit CRC

·	A high level interface for most of the above, using a
	filter/pipeline metaphor

·	benchmarks and validation testing

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