sftware for Monday cruise

Ken Bishop kbishop at ukans.edu
Fri Jul 21 17:26:37 CDT 2000

     One of the presentations at the Kansas Chautauqua requires playing 
several MPEG movies.  After weighing a few alternatives, we've decided 
to play the MPEGs on a Cisco IP/TV server and ask the remote sites to 
download, install and use a Cisco IP/TV viewer (similar to the VNC 
technology). (We know about the MIM software for linux). 
    The viewer software is available on a free 365-day license from and 
Cisco through the University of Oregon Video Lab and the Internet2 
Networks Multicast Trial program. Please download the software and 
install it on your Display machine prior to the cruise on Monday. 
We plan to test the technology at that time.
    Note: Instructions for downloading and installing the viewer and
configuration files appear under "Cisco IP/TV viewer" on the web page:

    Thanks for your assistance.

Regards  Ken Bishop

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