"PIM-5-SA_ENCAP_INVALID: Bad SA" messages

Rogier, Gordon grogier at ukans.edu
Mon Jul 17 19:39:07 CDT 2000

I am sending this message to both the access-grid tech list as well as the
I2 WG list for multicast.

Attached is a router log of some MSDP related error messages.  I noticed
these errors and then remembered the multiple times the VRM vic process
crashed today at KU during the nanocruise.  I am concerned that whatever the
RP router ( at NCSA and/or the RP router ( in
Japan are doing maybe causing some problems.

I noticed that the NCSA RP was stimulating these errors during the time
frame of the nano-cruise and in the Lucky Labrador Room groups: video, & audio,

Any insights??

note, I have only included logging from today... I have seen these errors
more frequently than just today.  I checked my logs and I have seen the NCSA
RP doing this all the way back to Jun 21 around 11:30am CDT.

Gordon Rogier                        grogier at greatplains.net            
Network Engineer                     785-864-0381wk 785-550-4468 cell
Great Plains Network                 785-864-9330 FAX

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