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Wed Jan 12 10:55:44 CST 2000

At The end of the month ( during SPIE) I will be having meetings with 
engineers at Pinnacle to evaluate using the 3000 series PCI card as a multi 
stream  encoder decoder to do mpeg, jpeg or DVcam-DVpro. The concept is to 
hardware accelerate VIC.  Since there is software to be developed, the 
earliest this solution could be applied is in the summer of 00 .

I am also interested in getting pointer to encoder-decoder boxes.

At 12:10 PM 1/11/00 -0600, Rick Stevens wrote:
>Do we have specs on these MPEG-2 systems ?
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>Subject: Video Conf. Task Force
>I like to put out a call for interested volunteers who could
>contribute time (and potentially direct some local equipment dollars)
>to exploring the current generation of video conferencing gear.
>We are all aware (painfully aware) of the capabilities of H.320 based
>video conferencing solutions.  The limitations are real, substantial,
>and frequently impede the conduct of business.
>In the meanwhile, a new generation of gear from companies like
>Minerva and Polycom is arriving on the scene.  These boxes are able
>to generate very high quality video (MPEG-2 quality in the case of
>the Minerva) in real time, packetize this stream into IP (point to
>point or multicast) and potentially serve as a relief valve for some
>of the travel restrictions we all find ourselves dealing with.
>Some of these systems can chew up a lot of network bandwidth (up to 8
>Mbs in each direction) but in the context of ESnet3, this may be less
>of a problem than in the past.
>If you are interested, and particularly if your site is interested,
>please let me know.
>                         Bill
>William R. Wing    wrw at     423-574-8839
>Network Architect for the Oak Ridge National Lab

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