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>A historic event occurred this evening. The first class was taught using
>H.323 technology on the CIC purchased Multipoint Control Units located at
>OSU. A graduate seminar -spearheaded by Nosh Contractor of the UIUC- on
>"Communication Technologies and New Forms of Organizing" (the class has a
>slightly different name at different universities) was co-taught by the
>University of California at Santa Barbara, the University of Illinois at
>Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Southern California at Los Angeles.
>A class at Purdue University also participated.
>The class lasted from 4:00pm to 7:00pm CST. Each of the four sites used
>Polycom H.323 stations. I set up the MCU's located at OSU remotely from my
>Argonne site, and I passively monitored the conference using both Zydacron
>(I used this station to record the class) and VCON H.323 stations. A seventh
>station was set up at UIUC where the class was broadcast using RealVideo
>technology. The communication was entirely over the Internet with
>conferences using 384Kbps encoding (768Kbps full duplex). That required the
>OSU site to support eight times 768Kbps of bandwidth).
> From a technical viewpoint, the technology worked well with only a couple of
>minor problems. One site had poor quality audio (I think that was a local
>microphone pickup problem), and we had the MCU crash once which required me
>to restart it remotely. The other sites had good audio quality, and the
>quality of the video was very good at all sites. The voice switching
>capability of the MCU seemed to work well in the multiple classroom
>environment. All sites are now learning how to best control their cameras
>and microphones.
>We plan to archive the RealVideo recorded at UIUC, and I recorded the entire
>class on VHS tape. I plan to have it encoded in MPEG1 and made available on
>the VideoCharger located at Argonne. The class will continue on Monday
>evenings in to the beginning of May. Since the UIUC classes have not
>actually started yet, only Nosh Contractor appeared at the UIUC site. Thus,
>the archived video will be important for his class to catch up with what
>happened in this first class.....Larry
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