Matrox graphics adaptors

Robert Olson olson at
Mon Dec 4 14:56:48 CST 2000

The tv tuner version should be fine (we just don't use that feature).

Hm. CDW shows the g200 quads as "pre-order", not sure what that means. 
Perhaps a call to them or Matrox is in order to get the scoop on availability.

You should be able to use a G400 max or G450 instead of the G400.

You'll want to drive one of the projectors with the G400 head so you've got 
the advantage of the AGP acceleration.


At 01:50 PM 12/4/2000 -0700, Don Morton wrote:
>Hi, I'm searching for a source for the Matrox G400 Dual
>Head AGP Graphics Adapter and the Matrox G200 Quad PCI
>Graphics Adapter.
>I see from the Matrox web site that these exact models aren't
>available.  For example, the Matrox G200 Quad PCI is out of
>stock (i.e. never available again?) but there's a Matrix
>G200 Multi-Monitor Tv Tuner (Quad) that's expected to be
>available in early December (for $800).  The specs appear
>to be similar - does anybody know if this TV tuner would
>be a suitable sub?
>Likewise, there's a Matrox Millenium G400 16MB AGP 2x adapter
>that's out of stock, but a Millenium G400 32MB AGP 2x "Refurbished"
>adapter that's available.
>I guess my confusion comes from not knowing what the exact requirements
>are for any of these cards?  Is the G200 meant to drive the projectors,
>and the G400 a monitor?
>If I knew exactly what I was looking for, I might be able to try some
>other places.
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