Matrox graphics adaptors

Don Morton morton at
Mon Dec 4 14:50:52 CST 2000

Hi, I'm searching for a source for the Matrox G400 Dual 
Head AGP Graphics Adapter and the Matrox G200 Quad PCI
Graphics Adapter.

I see from the Matrox web site that these exact models aren't
available.  For example, the Matrox G200 Quad PCI is out of
stock (i.e. never available again?) but there's a Matrix
G200 Multi-Monitor Tv Tuner (Quad) that's expected to be
available in early December (for $800).  The specs appear
to be similar - does anybody know if this TV tuner would
be a suitable sub?

Likewise, there's a Matrox Millenium G400 16MB AGP 2x adapter
that's out of stock, but a Millenium G400 32MB AGP 2x "Refurbished"
adapter that's available.

I guess my confusion comes from not knowing what the exact requirements
are for any of these cards?  Is the G200 meant to drive the projectors,
and the G400 a monitor?

If I knew exactly what I was looking for, I might be able to try some
other places.


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