Projector Connections

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Use broadcast spec VGA cables, plenum rated if you plan to run them above 
ceiling tile. They cost more but the signal quality is worth it. Markertek 
is a good source.

At 02:16 PM 11/30/00 , Don Morton wrote:
>Wow, sure are lots of little details to worry about! :)
>As we get our electrical and network connections in, it
>dawns me that I need to understand exactly what cables are
>used with the projectors, so we can run them neatly.
>I have the Epson 710C's.  Am I correct in assuming that the
>only cables I'm going to need are the serial DB15 and power?
>Other cables come with the projector - mouse, audio - I see
>no reason to run those.  As it stands, I'm going to need to
>get myself longer serial cables.
>As the equipment comes in, and the facilities get closer,
>prepare yourselves for many trivial questions :)
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