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>Subject: 11/17 Operational Multicast Network Management -- Radhika
>   Malpani, HP Labs
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>Berkeley Multimedia, Graphics and Interfaces Seminar
>Operational Multicast Network Management
>Wednesday November 17, 1999
>1:00-2:30 p.m. PST
>Fujitsu Seminar Room (405 Soda Hall)
>Radhika Malpani
>HP Labs
>Despite the increased need for IP multicast, driven by the popularity of
>applications like multimedia events and
>data distribution services, its deployment has not been widespread.
>Surprisingly, the lack of appropriate
>network management tools for IP multicast has proven to be a major barrier
>for its deployment. While a few
>diagnotic tools do exist today, these usually require expert knowledge and
>understanding of multicast
>protocols.Unlike unicast, where domain knowledge and management experience
>is considerable, in the
>multicast domain few people have the requisite multicast knowledge. This is
>especially true in the NOCs
>(Network Operations Center), where multicast management experience is
>practically non-existent
>This talk will describe the results of research at HP Laboratories into the
>management needs of multicast
>network operators. It will describe a prototype multicast network
>management system we've built that is aimed
>at network operators and discuss how it can be used to manage multicast
>networks. This prototype is currently
>used at HP and other sites to manage the multicast networks and some of our
>preliminary experiences with the
>prototype will be discussed.
>The seminar is broadcast live on the Internet Mbone and as a Real Networks
>G2 broadcast.
>You can connect to the live RealNetworks broadcast at:
>You'll see a link to cs298-5/real networks/live programs.
>You can also directly put in this url into the Real Player:
>To do so you will need to have the "Real Player G2" installed, which is
>available from:
>To tune into the Internet MBone broadcast, look for the announcement in
>your MBone session directory program ('sdr').  If you are not receiving the
>announcement you may be able to receive the session by manually configuring
>the client programs ('vic', and 'vat') with the session addresses:
>low bit rate
>         video:
>         audio:
>medium bit rate
>         video:
>         audio:
>You can get further information about this seminar, and access to replays
>of previous seminars at the MIG Seminar web page:
>Sponsored by the Berkeley Multimedia Research Center

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