Schedule for SC99 Access Grid w/ QoS demo

Rick Stevens stevens at
Mon Nov 8 12:44:30 CST 1999

I looked at the AG schedule and most of it is still empty..  Since the AG 
group is
still working out the schedule, it certainly is not closed yet.  I want to 
everyone to check the AG Web site for the Virtual Venue schedule (which 
should start
to appear later today).. with the new VV software multiple AG events can be 
on simultaneous (with different subsets of the sites participating), and 
with with
the ability to move from one virtual location to another.. This indeed provides
much more flexibility with the AG schedule..

At 09:45 AM 11/8/99 , Karen Green wrote:
>Our demo schedule has been set for a month, so their is very little
>available time on the Access Grid in our booth for this demo. Here is what
>is available:
>Tuesday, 2 p.m.
>Thursday, 3 pm.
>*If our Monday night 8 p.m. demo can be moved, that slot might also be
>Please let me know asap if any of these times work. At this late date, we
>can't change the schedule too much because other people have already
>committed their time and effort.
>At 05:19 PM 11/5/99 -0600, Steve Tuecke wrote:
> >I think all of the technical ducks are lined up for demos between the ANL,
> >NCSA, and LBNL booths of Access Grid with network QoS using
> >Globus/GARA.  To summarize:
> >
> >   * NCSA, ANL, and LBNL will each have AG nodes in their booths.  (Steve
> >Lau confirmed the LBNL AG node today.)
> >
> >   * There will be a completely separate network between these three booths
> >that will have the QoS support.  Linda has confirmed that this is all set
> >for all three booths.
> >     The easiest way to handle this separate network is to setup the AG
> >machines to get their IP addresses from DHCP.  Then when we want to switch
> >between normal and QoS network we swap network connections and reboot.  Bob
> >and Linda have worked out the details of this.
> >
> >   * Because of current cisco router limitations, the QoS cannot be done
> >with multicast.  So I believe the plan is to just to AG QoS demos with 2 AG
> >nodes at a time, using unicast UDP for audio and video.  (Volker, Linda,
> >Bob: Can the demo be done with all 3 AG nodes simultaneously?)
> >
> >So the issue is now scheduling of the AG nodes for running with QoS.
> >
> >The infrastructure on which this demo is running is completely disjoint
> >from that used by other Globus demos, so the Globus group does not have any
> >constraints on when the AG QoS demos can occur.
> >
> >I believe Terry Disz is coordinating the AG demos, so can the NCSA and LBNL
> >AG schedulers please work with Terry to setup slots for ANL<->NCSA and
> >ANL<->LBNL demos.  (Unless we think we can do all three simultaneously, in
> >which case we should do so.)
> >
> >The only input we have received on scheduling these demos is from Rick
> >Stevens, who wrote on that accessgrid mail list a few days ago, "we should
> >do this demo a number of times each day I would think."
> >
> >-Steve
> >
> >At 01:10 PM 11/5/99 , Rick Stevens wrote:
> >>We need a schedule of when we want to do the QoS tests and get that on the
> >>AG schedules
> >>for the various booths..  Do we have a tentative schedule from the Globus
> >>group on
> >>when they would like to do this.. ?
> >>
> >>At 12:50 PM 11/5/99 , Patrick Dorn wrote:
> >>>all,
> >>>
> >>>i believe that the technical issues are resolved. NCSA's cisco 7507 has
> >>>been shipped, and the NCSA booth will have the requisite ATM connection.
> >>>linda and i will be setting up the PVC mesh, etc on site.
> >>>
> >>>i'm not sure that anyone has contacted the NCSA booth folks regarding
> >>>scheduling, though. whoever is in charge of this beast should contact
> >>>them soon. email to sc99 at will reach the committee.
> >>>
> >>>pld
> >>>
> >>>On Fri, Nov 05, 1999 at 12:06:48PM -0600, Charlie Catlett wrote:
> >>> > Jeff/Tony/Patrick/John-
> >>> >
> >>> > Are you in sync with Steve Tuecke & Co. regarding the planned QoS
>demo of
> >>> > the AG at SC?  Not sure who needs to be in the loop with the cc'd ANL
> >>> crowd
> >>> > but please forward if I don't have all of the right NCSA folks on this
> >>> > note.  Among other things we need to make sure that the node in the 
> >>> > booth is available for the demo (not sure what the schedule is for 
> this)
> >>> > and that all of the technical ducks are lined up.
> >>> >
> >>> > So can the right one of you please follow up with Steve?
> >>> >
> >>> > Thanks!
> >>> > CeC
> >>>
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