NSF ITR Proposal for Acclerating AG Technology/Deployment

Bill Hibbard hibbard at facstaff.wisc.edu
Thu Nov 4 13:01:05 CST 1999

Hi Rick,

> I've been thinking that we might want to consider putting together a large
> NSF ITR proposal to advance development of the AG concept and test
> deployment in some new types of settings (medical clincs, classrooms,
> emergency/disaster management, etc.)..
> The proposal could focus on:
> . . .
> Remote Visualzation integration ... (lots of topics here)..
> . . .
> Group to Group Collaboration Issues....

VisAD and Globus worked together in the Environmental
Hydrology Work Bench.  Perhaps this could be extended to
include the AccessGrid under the NSF ITR.  All three
systems support collaboration, so there could be research
issues in how multiple collaboration systems can
interoperate.  Come to think of it, EVL's CavernSoft
also supports collaboration, so make that research into
how four collaboration systems can interoperate.

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