NSF ITR Proposal for Acclerating AG Technology/Deployment

Rick Stevens stevens at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Nov 4 10:33:10 CST 1999

I've been thinking that we might want to consider putting together a large
NSF ITR proposal to advance development of the AG concept and test
deployment in some new types of settings (medical clincs, classrooms,
emergency/disaster management, etc.)..

The proposal could focus on:

Audio... higher quality, spatialization, private vs public, voice commands

Video... higher quality, compression, pannable video, video mosaics, etc.

Remote Visualzation integration ... (lots of topics here)..

Speicalizations.. Medical, Teaching, Portability, Mobility


Human Factors Issues.... workspace design and function

Group to Group Collaboration Issues....

Integration with Grid infrastructure and applications


Interest ?


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