NanoCruise 2 Goal Sheet

Mark Hereld hereld at
Mon Jun 28 17:43:08 CDT 1999

Some short notes on progress:  We've had good luck with audio now for several sessions.  So much so that we've carried off two nearly impromptu demos to show a few folks at various places across the country how things are going.  The multicast difficulties associated with the Cisco switches at Argonne look like they are behind us -- local network experts and Cisco engineers tracked the problem down to some settings in the switches.  We ran a few tests today which involved Argonne, UNM, and UKy which went quite well.  Now we begin to layer in additional AG tools, probes, and protocols.  We will, of course, continue to press other AG institutions to join in and spin up.

NanoCruise 2:  "Install Powerpoint JavaMaster"

Tomorrow from 1 to 3 PM CDT (Tuesday, June 28) we'll be banging in the installation of the pptJM (real name pending approval of the Nomenclature Committee).  With it, a presenter clicks through a powerpoint slide show, and the show is advanced at all client sites: they each own the data, the control eminates from the presenter, and all slides change simultaneously and at nearly the speed of light. Here's where you ought to be by then and what you are aiming for:

[Utah: ****************************** Richard Coffey]  and
[NCSA: ****************************** Hank Kaczmarski]  and
[GA Tech: *************************** Karsten Schwan] and
[EVL: ******************************* Alan Verlo, Jason Leigh]
	Begin the process.

[ACCESS-DC: ************************* Tom Coffin]
	Target's are vic participation in the NanoCruise with phone link into audio through our echo gear (unless he can get audio up and running on his hardware).  Install pptJM.

[BU: ******************************** Robert Putnam, Wayne Gilmore, Russ Wolf]
	Targets are vic and rat participation in the NanoCruise.  Do you guys have the VoiceCrafter yet?  If so, we'll be able to spin you up on the current best settings, etc..  If not, and audio is a problem, we can try to have you phone into our other VoiceCrafter in the same way that we're hoping to connect Tom Coffin.  Install pptJM.

[UKy: ****************************** Vikram Gazula, Ghafour Taghizadeh] and
[UNM: ****************************** John Greenfield, Ken Segura, Paul Hubbard] and
[ANL: ****************************** Bob Olson, Lisa Childers, Terry Disz, Mark Hereld]
	Push state out to ACCESS-DC, BU, and UTAH.  Install and test pptJM.


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