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Bob Olson olson at
Wed Jun 16 13:45:01 CDT 1999

This is interesting, for a couple reasons.

I recently installed NT4 on my Sony Vaio, a PII/450MHz box with MGA-G200
graphics. I see none of the lagging-video problems with vic on there
that we were seeing on the G100 multimonitor cards on the PII/350 box.

This leads to the least-effort track for increasing video quality: Wait
for the hardware to catch up. If it is indeed G100 vs G200 that makes
the quality difference, we get by with G100 hardware until multiple
monitor G200 hardware comes out. Or we evaluate multiple G400
cards (each G400 has dual monitor support) after they come out.

Another possibility is that the use of multiple display cards is slowing
the system down. We need to experiment more..

If anyone can get their hands on multiple PCI G200 cards we could do an
experiment with those as well. We've tried to order them, but they don't
seem to be available.


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