I stubmled across this paper - might interest some.

Russ Wolf russ at bu.edu
Tue Aug 31 07:25:31 CDT 1999


some of you might be interested in an interesting paper I was passed by
one of my colleagues here who just returned from USENIX Security in DC. 
The title of the paper is:

"Antigone: A Flexible Framework for Secure Group Communication"

Patrick McDaniel & Atul Prakash		Peter Honeyman
EECS Dept. UMich Ann Arbor		Center for Info Tech Integration
					UMich Ann Arbor

If you are interested I'll send the article out in .pdf (If you can't
get a hold of it)

Just wanted to point out a brief comment in their summary:

	"A reality of the existing Internet fabric is its inconsistent 
	support for multicast services.  In deploying multicast-based
	solutions, we have found that though multicast connectivity in
	one direction is often possible, achieving bi-directional 
	multicast is more difficult"


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