Prelude to a Post Mortem

Mark Hereld hereld at
Mon Aug 30 14:37:31 CDT 1999

We're due for a post mortem of the Uky Chautauqua momentarily... 1 PM to 3 

Think about the following questions and see what you can come up with.

What did we do right? =====================================

() highly effective overall

() usually we had good communications

() particularly good use of backchannel to queue remote questions

() good use of backchannel to steer and correct dPPT problems

Where did we have problems? ===============================

() router breakage
	- diagnosis time
	- work-around solution
	- time-to-fix

() nestor audio breakage
	- power outage at anl
	- audio (rat) funky state
	- telecon operator puts nestor on hold!
	- patches to echo cancel hdwr not in place
	- potential cover w/ question from ncsa (melanie) bobbled
		* argonne could hear melanie trying to break in w/ question
		* uky had argonne and ncsa muted
		* uky not looking at mud to see solutions

() more screen area definitely better
	- not ideal to have one screen split off and dedicated to dPPT
	- although it was better than only one screen

() uky local headset comm
	- when is that appropriate?
	- did it conflict w/ backchannel comm?
	- is there a better way to use it?
		* director/producer only to camera guys
		* take node operators off that channel?

() are there high priority technical issues to attack?
	- new software
	- better deployment schemes for urls, info, phone numbers, ppt slides
	- more practice on emergency handling?


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