Paul Hubbard phubbard at AHPCC.Unm.EDU
Wed Aug 25 15:05:33 CDT 1999

> This is really a question for Argonne, but maybe others will be
> interested. I am looking at putting up walltalkers for the permanent AG
> node locations. What width did you use (50 or 60), and did you use
> wallpaper or self adhesive type ? I am assuming the you put it up like
> wallpaper (i.e. you didn't try putting it up horizontally 60 " high with
> no seams -- I assume that won't work, but it would be nice.)

On a related note, I found that the local (DeKalb, IL) wal-mart has
generic walltalker-type self-adhesive for $%/18 sq. ft. I've already
purchased a couple of rolls for use at home.

Anyway, I seem to recall that the brand name stuff is quite a bit more
expensive, so perhaps this is of interest for large installations.


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