Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at
Wed Aug 25 07:37:05 CDT 1999

Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make the Kentucky
Chautauqua a success! I'm here in Kentucky, and was really impressed by
how smoothly everything went, and how quickly everyone recovered whenever
there were glitches.

So now, off to Boston (9/14-9/15). I've started work on a script, and
should be able to have a draft to you early next week. One thing I wanted
to let you know about right away: we're planning to include all of you in
a new way. The current draft of our agenda includes a 30-minute segment
Tuesday afternoon tentatively titled "Meet the Access Grid Technical
Team". This will be sort-of an extended Brady Bunch, featuring everyone
behind the scenes at the AG. I've scheduled it for Tuesday afternoon in
the hopes that Maui can make it; we'd like to reprise the "Sunrise on
Maui" motif that worked so well here in Kentucky. The "Meet the AG"
segment would be moderated by Mark and/or Lisa (I already know Lisa's up
for this), who I hope could intersperse comments on the technology with
introductions of each site's team.

Congratulations again to everyone who worked on Kentucky! I'm really
psyched that Boston's turn is next.

- Jennifer

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