Vikram Gazula gazula at
Tue Aug 24 20:36:50 CDT 1999

My day wouldn't be complete nor will I be able to sleep tonight without
thanking one and all who have helped me & my team in running the AG node
from UKy.

I would like to say special thanks to Bob, Lisa from ANL(for bearing with 
me the last 2 months & answering all my questions), Robert Putnam
(audio expertise ),
Russ( provided tons of help who came to UKy to help me) from Boston,
Tom from DC(thanks for shipping the gentner the last
minute), the UNM AG team for providing valuable suggestions.

I am also grateful for the Networking team at UKy/ANL, Kevin & Cas
D'Angelo for their timely help in solving the Networking issues.

Also I would like to thank Sandy & Mary(from UKy) who gave me all the

Thanks once again.

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