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This makes setting up presentations a bit easier. Given a set of powerpoint 
files, it builds a set of batch files with the same name that fire up the 
dppt client with that file. Assumes local copies of the powerpoint, and a 
config.bat modified as below (to not set the server, so the startup batch 
file can do so). Script assumes the same server for each, so you need to 
edit any that aren't (like rick's talk likely is today, unless we just use 
uky control for it). Also note the slide directory path.

set dppt=c:\dppt2
set CLASSPATH=%dppt%\ag.jar;%dppt%\jsdt.jar;%dppt%\jsdt-client-socket.jar
set PORT=5001
set URL=jsdt://%SERVER%:%PORT%/socket/Session/AG
set JAVA=jview


$server = "";
$slide_dir = "c:\\dppt2\\uky";

for $ppt (<*.ppt>)
     print "$ppt\n";

     ($bat = $ppt) =~ s/\.ppt/.bat/;

     open(B, ">$bat") or die;
     print B "call config\n";
     print B "set SERVER=$server\n";
     print B "%JAVA% ag.presentationClient -win %URL% $slide_dir\\$ppt\n";


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