Participating in UKY Chautauqua

John A. Greenfield green at AHPCC.Unm.EDU
Fri Aug 20 17:54:08 CDT 1999

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Margaret Lewis wrote:

> All,
> I have sent each site messages asking for their participation in the UKY
> Chautauqua. Here is the info I have received back to date -- I am traveling most
> of tomorrow so please send to ag-tech list, Barbara, and Clay.
> * Participate in Brady Bunch Intro at 9:30 am EDT 8/23
> * Host audience for Cluster talk at 3:00 pm EDT 8/24 ????
> * other times with any audiences??

* Larry Smarr's presentation on Research and Collaboration in 21st
Century at 9 am on Monday, August 23

* Rick Steven's Building the Grid presentation at 11 am on Monday,
August 23

There will be a small audience of technicians, It is early for a very
large audience here.

* Polly Baker's Viz presentation at 3:15 pm on Monday, August 32

Should have a reasonable audience for this.

* Bio Workbench presentation at 10:30 am on Tuesday, August 24

Again a small audience of technicians, early again.

* EOT presentation at 1:45 am on Tuesday, August 24
* Dave Badar's Cluster presentation at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, August 24

Should have a reasonable sized audience for these two talks.

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