MegaCruise Notes 8/19

Lisa Childers childers at
Thu Aug 19 23:12:40 CDT 1999

Today's MCruise was limited by fighting acoustic problems in UKY's
auditorium.  The day ended without finding a solution.

The auditorium is unavailable for testing on Friday, and UKY's audio
technician is out of town until 6pm Friday.

Access DC's gentner box (Thanks Tom!) arrived in KY today, but was not
installed.  Given the current state of affairs, it would be wise for UKY to
spend time Saturday getting a telecon piped into the auditorium sound
system.  A telecon could be used as a public channel backup during the
Chautauqua if the auditorium cannot be successfully wired for network audio.

NCSA, BU, ANL, UNM and Maui (Welcome Maui!) were all on-grid with excellent
audio and video throughout today's cruise.  Thanks everyone for devoting
his/her day to the effort!

Near the end of the day, BU experienced a strange one-way multicast oddity
on their audio channel. Kevin, who has been helping to debug vBNS net
problems, is looking it.

Clay: AG nodes will be on-grid once again on Friday at 11am EDT to help UKY.
Perhaps you could schedule a telecon which could be used to practice the
flow of your chautauqua script?


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