UKY script--draft #1 ... Comments from Nestor

Robert Olson olson at
Tue Aug 17 12:13:53 CDT 1999

>The only problem with this is that it adds more lead time to convert the
>powerpoint files before each presentation. My experience is that you will
>get several people giving you powerpoint slides within hours of their
>presentation. Also, in most of the chautauqua cases, there is likely to be
>a severely limited number of people and machines to work with outside of
>those used for the AG node. What this means is taht all powerpoint
>conversion, upload to url's etc. must be done during scheduled breaks.
>The break lengths in UNM's chautauqua were pretty much the minimal length
>possible to complete the last minute work needed.

This process can be done dynamically. That is, when the presentation 
starts, a  secondary machine can fire up powerpoint and start generating 
the images. It might be possible to do it right on the display machine; 
however, it does tie up the powerpoint. There is the control machine -- the 
conversion could happen there. With a web server running on the control box 
it could be the source for  the images for non-ppt sites.


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