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Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Sat Aug 7 08:06:25 CDT 1999

At 05:16 PM 8/6/99 -0600, John A. Greenfield wrote:
   >Here is my current knowledge of presentations and ppt master server names
   >Larry Smarr        UNM  rtndra5.unm.edu
   >Rick Stevens       ANL  sapphire.mcs.anl.gov
   >Frank Gilfeather   UNM  rtndra5.unm.edu
   >Randy Heiland      UNM  rtndra5.unm.edu
   >Dick Allen (et al) UNM  rtndra5.unm.edu
   >Geoffrey Fox       UNM (may not be able to do remote)

It was my understanding Geoffrey Fox was going to use Tango

   >NSF spokesperson   ACCESS
   >Janet Thot-Thompson ACCESS


   >Richard Tapia      UNM  -- NO remote slides -- 
   >Ken Bishop         UNM  rtndra5.unm.edu
   >David Bader        UNM  rtndra5.unm.edu
   >Roscoe Giles       UNM  rtndra5.unm.edu
   >Bader/Maccabe      UNM
   >Livny/Bishop       UNM
   >Tyler/Norman+Plante UNM / NCSA
   >If anyone has more info, let me know. I will get a more complete list out,
   >sometime this weekend. We will need to get things arranged for Larry's
   >talk before 8:30 AM Mountain time on Monday.
   >I should be in the rotunda testing from 10 - 4 Saturday and Sunday.
   >John Greenfield
   >green at arc.unm.edu
   >University of New Mexico
   >Office # 505-277-8249
   >Direct # 505-277-9545
   >Fax #    505-277-8235 

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