UNM Chautauqua Presenter's Brief

Ernie Herrera eherrera at ahpcc.unm.edu
Thu Aug 5 11:05:23 CDT 1999


This message is to inform you of the UNM Chautauqua format, the
Presenter's briefing held at 8:00 am on the 9th and 10th of August, and
to request that you forward your presentations to us for inclusion into
the program.

The UNM Chautauqua has a script that is followed by the staff and the
ACCESS Grid to present the Alliance 99 program. This is not quite a
television program, but it is getting close. You can go to
http://chautauqua.ahpcc.unm.edu/script to view the script. Note that we
update this frequently. If you read the script you will see that our
Tech Director will cue on a power point presentations (PPT), or video
and audio streams from the Grid, and then put on screen at appropriate
times of the program. In the cases where we know we have a live AND
REMOTE presentation we have already coordinated the PPT, or other
application, with the Grid ACCESS site technical folks and have, or will
have, practiced cueing on the PPT, the video and audio and other sundry
elements of that part of the program. But, if you are presenting live at
UNM, we need to have your presentations, URLs, or whatever you'll need
to present, ahead of time in order to put it in the program. We really
would prefer NOT to swap out laptops and connect to the Proximas, or
load presentations just before you present. You can email them to me or
ftp to our site at  ftp.ahpcc.unm.edu.  Also, if you need to coordinate
your presentation in some particular order or have a special
requirement, contact John Greenfied, the Tech Director.

For all presenters LIVE in Albuquerque we will conduct a really short
briefing at 8:00 am in the Rotunda where the Chautauqua takes place. The
briefing will cover the program, the equipment, special requirements,
etc. Note that we will have a remote or "air" mouse for presenters to
control their presentations without having to say, " Next slide." , or
walk over and hit a key on a keyboard. We'll also, depending on the
nature of the presentation, tell you where tostand. Now, we do not want
to interfere with your personal presentation style, but if you are
blinded by the light of the Proxima in your face, or trip over the
numerous power cords and other cable, that isn't great either, so bear
with us, and let us know what you are comfortable with.

If you have any questions please me or JohnGreenfield (especially about
the technical aspect of the program).

Thank you.

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