Pre-Chautauqua NanoCruises

Tom Coffin tcoffin at
Wed Aug 4 12:06:57 CDT 1999

At some time during these cruises we need to also 
test the Tango interaction and it's inclusion - It is
programmed for the UNM Chautauqua

At 11:07 AM 8/4/99 -0700, Lisa Childers wrote:
   >Today, Thursday and Friday we will be conducting NanoCruises from 1-3pm
   >For today's nCruise, we will be testing the use of a public-channel
   >for delivering the remote presentations.  The public-channel telecon
will be
   >used as a fallback during the Chautauquas if the public net audio channel
   >fails.  Only ACCESS DC, ANL and UNM need to dial in to the public telecon.
   >A separate telecon for backchannel communications will also be running
   >during each nCruise.  Please make sure you can call into the backchannel
   >telecon during the cruises.
   >UNM will publish the public & backchannels telecon info today.

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