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Some Stuff in Three Small Chapters:  READ ALL and ALL READ.

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--------- MegaCruise plan --------------------------------------------------------------------

(	) [UNM -- JohnG and Ernie]  You're DRIVING.  Pick a starting and ending time for tomorrow's MegaCruise.  Advertise it soon to everybody who needs to know.  And collar everybody who needs to be particularly involved.

(	) Suggested preliminary agenda for MegaCruise.  Go through rehearsal as many times as possible and work out cues and floor control issues.  Then, in post-mortem, go over the SCRIPT line by line and identify things that need to be fixed, changed, whatever.  [UNM to incorporate the changes and reissue updated SCRIPT.]

(	) Sites who'll be giving talks at the Chautauqua NEED to DRIVE a practice talk.

-------- AccessGrid Operating Instructions for the Chautauqua --------------

(	)  Synchronize clocks to UNM time for the Chautauqua.

(	)  Everybody needs to have a copy of the Chautauqua SCRIPT in front of them.

(	)  Backchannel and floor control over open telecon (private stuff, not public channel) on technician/director at each node -- everybody on line.  MUD, too, but phone will be most workable, useful, and reliable backchannel in the near term.

(	)  EVERYBODY [and this means YOU, YOU know who YOU are] Be ON the telecon.  AND AND AND be ON the MUD.

(	)  Second telecon ready at all times to connect speaker into AccessGrid should network audio tank.

(	)  [UNM -- JohnG and Ernie] You guys are basically in the DRIVER'S SEAT.  Between Ernie as Director/Producer and JohnG as Tech Dir, the show is yours.  This means that one of you must actively, pro-actively, and constantly mutter into the phone backchannel the upcoming SCRIPT events and negotiate and manage them with all participants.  Make sure everybody is listening, cued, ready, finger on the button and present throughout and at each Agenda Event.  (As Bob and Terry may be out at UNM for the Chautauqua, one or both of them might help in this aspect of the meeting production.)  This sort of running Floor Control commentary might go like:

	JohnG:	Coming up on 9:28 in 3 minutes.  Role call for Brady Bunch.  Argonne -- Lisa are you there?

	Lisa: Copacetic.

	JohnG: NCSA -- JohnTown are you OK?

	JohnTown:  All's well.


	JohnG: Ready Brady Bunch piece.  5 seconds.  Larry's begun his intro...  Argonne NOW.  ...NCSA NOW ...ACCESS-DC NOW ...MHPCC NOW.  Everybody's up.  Looks good.  The crowd is going wild.  The Eagle Has Landed.  Everybody cue your Bunchster Head to SMILE.  Now, we'll do an AccessGrid Wave.  Canonical order on my word:  FIRST NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT...  Really cool.  The folks here are eating it up.  I think they want an encore...

(	)  For example, when a distant speaker becomes the center of attention, it might be appropriate to pass Floor Control to the broadcasting node.  In this case, it is appropriate for this to be explicit and choreographed.  This might include pre-amble, synchronized change of focus on Main Display screen, hand off, and transition: 

	JohnG:  Coming up on 9:34 in 5 minutes.  Lisa, are you ready there with Rick's talk?

	Lisa: Yes, JohnG.  We're all set to take control.

	JohnG:	OK. 30 seconds.  Everybody: ready to place ARGONNE Presenter Stream Front and Center.  On three.  One, Two, Three... NOW.

	JohnG:  Lisa, the Helm is yours.  Pass it back when you're through.

	Lisa: Roger that JohnG.  OK.  Rick will want his PPT up in 12 seconds.  On three:  one, two, three... NOW.  Looking good.

-------- Tidbits ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(	) [UNM -- JohnG and Ernie]  Could you guys put that nice SCRIPT for the Chautauqua on the web in an easily accessible place as soon as possible?  We'll link it into the AccessGrid pages right away, but since you may be updating it, the source ought to be at your end.

(	) [ANL -- Lisa et al.] Test wireless mic for Rick's talk.

(	) [ACCESS-DC -- Tom Coffin and John Towns]  Need good mic for NSF talk and also make sure that you can DRIVE a dPPT (Distributed PowerPoint) presentation.

(	) [ANL -- MaryF] -- For the MegaCruise tomorrow we need ONE telecon.

(	) For the Chautauqua we will need TWO telecons active.  Who should set this up?


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