[AG-DEV] AccessGrid.interfaces

Susanne Lefvert lefvert at mcs.anl.gov
Wed May 25 15:49:40 CDT 2005

Hello Mike,

Since you are looking at current CVS, the interface classes are specific
to the new soap implementation we will use in the 3.0 release based on
ZSI. CVS is currently going through major modifications so I would suggest
you to view the r_2_3_final tag of CVS. That is code for the 2.3 release
of the software which includes the VenueIW interface.


Look in AccessGrid/Venue.py

Hope this helps,


On Wed, 25 May 2005, Michael Miller wrote:

> Often I see something like the following:
> from AccessGrid.interfaces.Venue_client import VenueIW
> so I go looking in the AccessGrid folder for a .py file called
> 'interfaces', but I can't find it.  The lower-case 'i' leads me to
> believe there's some other mechanism going on here.  Can someone clue me
> in... ?  I'm specifically looking for the implementation of VenueIW, but
> I'd like to understand what the 'interfaces' thing is...
> --
> Thanx,
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