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Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Aug 20 11:14:14 CDT 2004

Hi Caren,

Can you contact the people below and help them sort out their multicast



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yes.. forward to Caren.

On Fri, 20 Aug 2004, Ivan R. Judson wrote:

> Now that bill moved on, is there someone we can have look at this?
> Caren?
> --Ivan
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> Cc: Ivan Ignatius; Willie Foster; Dr. Willie G. Brown
> Subject: Help needed at JSU
> Hi all at ANL,
> We at JSU would like to ask you a particular favor.
> Lately, we are having problems with incoming audio and video from 
> external sites. I have presented the issue on the tech-list and have 
> been told that the issue is network related. Our network team has been 
> trying to find out what is happening. The issue seemed to be resolved 
> a few times but then reappears after a few days or a few hours.
> Could be there anyone at ANL, anyone familiar with networking related 
> with the AG, who could help us resolve the issue? We are thinking of 
> someone at ANL who is supporting the development team, network wise.
> The problem is NOT occuring in the Access Grid Lobby and at the 
> beginning in the Test Room for AGTk 1.x.(lately I did not have a 
> chance to test with someone in that Test Room).
> This is what is happening in the other venues including but not 
> limited to Bridgeport, Institutional Lobby, ACCESS DC, Indiana 
> University, University of Mississippi, and the Test Room for AGTk 2.x:
> The video frame rates from external nodes cycle periodically from 
> 25f/s to 0f/s within about 30 seconds, and back from 0f/s to 25f/s 
> within the next 30 seconds. At the exact time the video frame rate is 
> at 0f/s, we lose audio from all external nodes (they disappear from 
> the RAT), and audio is recovered as soon as the video is back. So we 
> have incoming video and audio on and off every 30 seconds.
> These symptoms occur for both our Room Nodes, no matter if I run 
> AGtk1.x or AGtk 2.1.2, and for two Personal Nodes running 2.3 beta on 
> XP. Our nodes are located in two different locations. Audio and video 
> between these nodes are fine.
> We would really appreciate if someone could help us with this issue. 
> Please let us know so we could set up any necessary arrangements.
> Dr. Willie Brown is our Vice President for the Office of Information 
> Management, Mr Willie Foster is the Director of Computing and 
> Communications Center, and Mr. Ivan Ignatius is our Network Manager.
> Thank you in advance,
> Monika
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> Monika Rabarison
> Systems Administrator
> Information Technology/HPCVI
> Jackson State University
> Office:(601)979-5933
> SciVis Lab:(601)979-1061
> JSUvisNode:(601)979-1056
> JSUeNode:(601)979-1081

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