For the brave...

Paul Mercer mercer at
Mon Aug 16 13:50:38 CDT 2004


Here is what I did:

I downloaded the AG install package and installed it on a mac laptop, 
tibook, running 10.3.4.

Installer worked fine.

Upon starting venue client I got a window that indicated there was no cert.

I set up my profile when asked.

Exported the cert from another node to a usb jump drive.

After venue client stated I imported my cert from the usb jump drive 
using the Certificate Manager.

The venue client shows all participants in the venue and I am able to 
navigate between venues.

I set the Node URl to https://localhost:11000/NodeService.

I'm not able to navigate to manage my node. From the  preferences 
pull down menu,  I select "manage my node", choose 
https://localhost:11000/NodeService and click OK.
I then get Node Management Error window...Can not open node 
management at https://localhost:11000/NodeService.

I upgraded to 10.3.5

Restarted Venue Client

I added a test doc to data and removed it.

Are there audio and video services to add (vic and rat or others?)? 
I couldn't find them if they were installed.

Finally I quit and restarted the Venue Client.  Cert was still good, 
didn't have to reenter the cert passphrase and my profile was still 

I have two students working on the video and audio along with Eric 
Olson and Ivan.

If I can be of more help in getting ag ported to os x please ask.


At 6:23 PM -0500 8/13/04, Justin Binns wrote:
>For anyone who wants to be brave, and who has a Mac, I'd appreciate folks
>testing my AG install package.  You can get it at the URL below.  Warning,
>it's 61MB.  On the other hand, it includes *everything* you need,
>including wxPython, globus, pyglobus, etc.  It should work 'out of the
>box' on just about any system, as long as you're running the latest
>updated version of Panter (10.3.x).  Let me know, both about successes and
>failures.  Thanks!

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