AG-2 Server

Ivan R. Judson judson at
Sun Aug 15 10:43:34 CDT 2004

If you use the -l option and the path starts with either ${pathsep} or .
It'll use the path specified, otherwise it'll go in the logs dir :-)


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> Here's some information on the AG-2 server for those of you 
> who are involved in making sure it's up.
> AG-2 is now running cvs code checked out earlier this week.
> It's setup is similar to vv2 (hume) now.  To run the server, 
> cd to /disks/space0/agtk.cvs/AccessGrid/bin and run ""
> It's using service certs so you won't need to your own certficate.
> There are backup .cfg and .dat files in the backup directory, 
> but hopefully we won't ever need them.
> Note, the OLD 2.2 Server is still a last resort backup in 
> /disks/space0/ag (but i may be the only one who can start 
> that), until we've successfully restarted the new one a few times.
> Also, it's creating a log that's causing the /home directory 
> to run out of space all the time, but I haven't figured out 
> the script fix for that yet (looks like i should use an 
> absolute path for the log file name?) and the server still runs.
> Eric

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