AG-2 Server

Eric Olson eolson at
Fri Aug 13 16:13:37 CDT 2004

Here's some information on the AG-2 server for those of you who are 
involved in making sure it's up.

AG-2 is now running cvs code checked out earlier this week.

It's setup is similar to vv2 (hume) now.  To run the server, cd to 
/disks/space0/agtk.cvs/AccessGrid/bin and run ""

It's using service certs so you won't need to your own certficate.
There are backup .cfg and .dat files in the backup directory, but 
hopefully we won't ever need them.

Note, the OLD 2.2 Server is still a last resort backup in 
/disks/space0/ag (but i may be the only one who can start that), until 
we've successfully restarted the new one a few times.

Also, it's creating a log that's causing the /home directory to run out of 
space all the time, but I haven't figured out the script fix for that yet 
(looks like i should use an absolute path for the log file name?) and the 
server still runs.


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